This Week’s Cheap (But Amazing) Grocery Buys

When I go to the grocery store, I’m on a mission—I don’t prefer to spend a ton of time wandering aisles, weaving in and out of slightly hungry crowds and shopping carts. No—I finish the list and I leave.

This isn’t to say that I never stray from the list. Among the usual pickup of salsa, apples and kale came a few extra items not on the list this week; some were classic items I ‘ve always loved and others I happened to stumble upon.

Here are a few items I scouted this week at my local Wegmans:


The Easy Salad Topper: Organic Black Beans, $0.99
I don’t always have chicken already prepared for my salads, so I bought some organic black beans to make up the protein aspect while also adding a different texture. Meatless Monday here I come.




20150426_132445The Childhood Favorite: Mrs. Grass Soup Mix, $1.59
I distinctly remember my mother heating up this soup mix (its “golden egg” of flavor and dried herbs gave the soup an amazing taste that Lipton just couldn’t offer) and adding egg noodles. I almost always had seconds. This soup mix is different in all the right ways, and I urge you to keep a box on hand for those nasty sick days.




20150426_132311The New (Dangerous) Obsession: Tostitos Cantina Thin and Crispy tortilla chips, $2.99
One word of advice for these: portion size is everything. The first time I tried these, I was already through half the bag before taking a look at the nutritional values. Lets just say that I learned a very good lesson on mindless eating that day. Yes, they’re that amazing. No, don’t eat the whole bag in one sitting.



20150426_132148The Fancy New Side I Don’t Have to Prepare From Scratch: Wegmans Special Blends Green Beans and Shallots, $3.99
On most occasions (meaning four days out of the week), my boyfriend and I stay in and cook. One of our favorite recipes involves fresh green beans sautéed in a little basting oil with season salt, bacon (sliced thin) and garlic. But there are the other three days of the week that I really don’t have the energy or the time to prepare an elaborate side dish. Frozen veggies are always handy. Plus: no need to season.



20150426_132052The On-Hand Healthy Sweet Thing: Organic Frozen Blueberries (2 lb. bag), $8.99
Yeah, yeah, I know. $9 for frozen fruit? That’s a little steep. Well, not really, actually. At least not for me. Every morning I make a breakfast smoothie (most likely using kale or spinach, a banana, a splash of milk and frozen fruit), so a family pack of these frozen blueberries are the perfect accompaniment to my smoothies. What’s even greater about the blueberries is that they last longer than if you would buy them fresh and they’re so versatile: yogurt parfait? Blueberry pancakes? You got it.


20150426_131951The You-Can’t-Go-Wrong Healthy Item: Plain Chobani Yogurt (32 oz.), $4.99
Speaking of breakfast smoothies, this is also another one of my go-to ingredients to add some dairy and good bacteria. I personally don’t like the taste of yogurt, but considering its nutritional benefits, I’ve been trying to become an adult and get over it. I use about half a cup in each smoothie, and (super plus) because of the sweet blueberries, I can’t taste it.



20150426_131706The Weekend Overnight French Toast Bread: Cinnamon Raisin Bread, $3.00
I don’t generally eat a ton of bread, but I love Wegmans’ cinnamon raisin bread for those Saturday and Sunday mornings that I make my overnight french toast recipe. The raisins give a great depth to the french toast and plump up nicely after having soaked in egg and cream. This bread also doubles as great toast during a busy morning.



20150426_131526The Staple Cheese: Fresh Mozzarella (8 oz.), $3.69
Who can object to some fresh, creamy mozzarella to top your pasta or salad? It keeps for about a week, but let’s be real—it won’t last that long.


20150426_131351The Staple Fruit: Bananas, $.40 per lb., $.60 per lb. for organic
Whether it be part of your breakfast, a snack or a dessert, bananas are great to have in the house. Also, they’ll keep your toes from cramping (or so they say. Anyway, it’s a good source of potassium!)






20150426_131149The Granola That Will Change Your Life: Organic Cocoa and Chia Granola, $3.99
I can’t stop raving about this granola. It tastes very similar to my favorite childhood cereal Cocoa Rice Krispies without all the added sugar and with some legitimate nutritional value. I’ve been snacking on a baggie of it in between classes and adding milk to a half cup of it as a snack.




What are your favorite grocery finds? Comment below!

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